Restoration Puerto Rico

Immediate Relief to Survivors


God has called us to Disaster Recovery Relief Recovery Efforts where we minister. One Biblical Principle qualifies you for this effort and that’s compassion. You don’t need 12 on-line courses to care for hurting and needy people. Hurricane Maria caused devastating destruction to homes and critical infrastructure in Puerto Rico and throughout the Caribbean, just two weeks after Hurricane Irma.


The Moore Family Foundation was founded in Puerto Rico and our heart is with the Puerto Rican people. As a local, vetted organization MFF has been asked to help provide immediate relief to survivors in the form of emergency supplies like food, water, medicine and basic supplies. Due to our deep-roots in local communities, we are positioned to immediately impact people and provide long-term support for survivors of Hurricane Maria. 

We Restore Faith, Hope, Love and Joy


Our local boots on the ground relief efforts have stronger, more effectual response capacity to reach desperate survivors quicker. Moore Family Foundation  has responded to request for longer-term recovery assistance to help residents recover and rebuild. 

Besides food, water, medication, necessities, reconstruction, we restore faith, hope, love and joy and give them the water where they will thirst no more according to John 4:14.