Global Docu-Series Initiative ‘Do It Anyways’

A 12-Part Docu-Series

We are passionate about bringing exposure to our Initiates and great social needs. Multi-Media is a very Powerful tool especially Reality Based Film. During his first visit to the orphans in Nairobi, Rev. Moore started documenting for this purpose. Here you can watch a short interview with a precious little orphan during his visit to the orphanage (September, 2017). 

We will track tangible change, real-life trials along with capturing our building, training and feeding Initiatives.

Do It Anyway

‘Do it anywayis a 12-Part Docu-Series about the plight of the orphans and challenges their caregivers face every day. The shows premise is orphans overcoming early life challenges and features our initiatives effectually giving at-risk children the Life-skills needed to succeed. 

Statistics are alarming, the need so great, our cry needs to crescendo the plight of children and their caregivers. So, we Press on and do it anyway. We base it on Mother Theresa‘s great Poem ‘Do it anyway’! This has become our battle cry on behalf of the Children. 

This Docu-series will to take you on an Epic Journey to shed light, turn hearts to Orphans and change hearts about their Caregivers. Moore Family Foundation will take viewers on an Historical, Statistical and First-Hand Encounter. A Docu-series that will Journey the Evidence as you meet our precious little persons, their care givers and here their tragic life’s stories. 

We need sponsors, partners, and funds as we are in pre-production of a reality based Docu-series. 

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