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Our Foundation exists to develop character-based leaders by strengthening and training pastors, families and at-risk youth. 

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” John 14:18

Moore Family Foundation



As a Vulnerable and At-Risk Youth and World Outreach Advocacy Organization the Moore Family Foundation exists to develop character based leaders as ‬we undergird, strengthen and train pastors, families and at-risk youth. Due to the certainty of the times ‬and the disbanding levels of fatherlessness, divorce, the abuse of women and children there has never ‬been a greater time to support these Initiatives.



We are passionate about supporting!  Moore Family Foundation supports several God given Kingdom ‬Initiatives which sustain Orphans and Indigenous Pastors.  As forerunners, we bear and undergird these ‬structures equipping them with every necessary resource along the way.



Moore Family Foundation sustains several Biblical Mandates paying particular attention to James 1:27 "take care of the orphans and the widows in their tribulation".  ‬

We are proud of our mission and committed to live it in accord to our values. We care about our orphans, their caregivers and the Indigenous Pastors as our brothers and sisters in Christ because the pillars of our Foundation are God’s initiatives in their behalf. He’s using us as messengers of His love through His Word. One of our excellent values is to CARE and it’s our commitment that you feel our love, hear our passion and see our character. 

Let us share our Hope with you through this video and also invite you to join us and enjoy the Joy as we build Pillars of Hope around the world. 

Building Pillars Of Hope

We have this Hope...that one day we could see that we fulfill our passionately God-given Kingdom Initiatives of sustaining Orphans and Indigenous Pastors.

...that one day we could see our Orphans facing their lives with greater opportunities of living within loving families. 

...that our mission of building Lisa’s Hope Orphanage would bring them the gift of their daily bread, an education that leads them to a brighter future and to a life according to God’s purposes as they follow Jesus. 

Moore Family Foundation’s Initiatives

Feed the Orphans Initiative


We need to feed 200 Orphans. It cost $1.00 a day to feed each Orphan.    

The Need: They are currently only getting 1 Meal/Day. The Goal: 3 Meals/ Day. The Cure: A Dollar a Day. 

Indigenous Pastoral Training Initiative


Indigenous Pastoral Leadership Training Initiative is a Customizable 24 Module Leadership Skills Training for Indigenous Pastors who will acquire Biblical Character to endeavor to be Excellent Pastors and Pillars in their Family, Church and Community.  

Our Principal Initiatives

Our Founder Rev. S. David Moore briefly explains about our Feed the Orphans, The Build of Lisa's Hope Orphanages  and Pastoral Leadership Training initiatives.  

You can always visit the section dedicated to each one of them where you can learn about each one in more details. 

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Indigenous Youth Leadership Training Initiative


Statistics are alarming. Rather than leaving them to chance at the most vulnerable time in their lives we bridge the gap into adulthood with our 28-Life Skills Module curriculum which is customizable to fit any schedule in conjunction with any educational system. 

Restoration Puerto Rico Initiative


God has called us to Disaster Recovery Relief Recovery Efforts where we minister. The Moore Family Foundation was founded in Puerto Rico and our heart is with the Puerto Rican People.

Global Docu-Series ‘Do It Anyways’ Initiative


This Docu-series will to take you on an Epic Journey to shed light, turn hearts to Orphans and change hearts about their caregivers. Moore Family Foundation will take viewers on an Historical, Statistical and First-Hand Encounter. A Docu-series that will Journey the Evidence as you meet our precious little persons, their care givers and hear their tragic life’s stories. We need sponsors, partners, and funds as we are in pre-production of a reality based Docu-series.

Video: First mission trip to Nairobi,Kenya

As planned, Reverend S. David Moore traveled on September 6 to Nairobi, Kenya and returned with enormous amount of experiences, visions and more God's calls and assignments. We love to continue complying with our vision of being "an ambassador and the voice for orphans and their caregivers as we fulfill our initiatives as a father to the fatherless and a mother to the motherless". This short and simple presentation summarizes our mission and pictures of our visit to Nairobi. 

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Moore Family Foundation is a 501(c)(3) IRS exempt public charity organization.

‘Imparting Hope to Save, Change, Lead’ 


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"And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed in the whole inhabited earth for a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come." -Matthew 24:14


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