Our Values



Be a voice and bring awareness through multimedia. 

We are passionate about bringing exposure to our Initiates and great social needs. Multi-Media is a very Powerful tool.  This tool gives us the opportunity to track tangible change, real-life trials along with capturing our building, training and feeding Initiatives and to share it with the world. 



Educate and train disadvantaged youth and Indigenous Pastors. Moore Family Foundation Pastoral Missionaries serve in Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Latin America by providing ongoing training for Indigenous Pastors through mentoring, Biblical Character Training Materials & Leadership Conferences. 

We have also designed a Curriculum intended for Specific At-Risk Youth to prepare orphan and foster children with the necessary life skills required to succeed as adults. 



At Moore Family Foundation we want you to feel our love, hear our passion and see our character. 

To care is to love and that love is what moves us to provide the tools our Orphans need so they could have access to a better place to live in and a better future for them and their families. 

We believe education is one important key to fulfill those expectations. Moore Family Foundation‘s  powerful and effectual world-class training provides youth with motivation, hope, confidence and skills necessary to bring excellence into their life with a special emphasis on reducing the incidence of adolescent suicides, bullycides, hopelessness and general waywardness which causes fractured vison in our youth today and allows them to be productive members of society.